The national financial crisis has been in the forefront over the past few years, resulting in many new regulatory challenges.  The banking regulators continue to closely monitor the capital levels and asset quality of all financial institutions.  The Sherwood State Bank directors, staff, and employees are dedicated to maintaining the high performance standards you have come to expect over the past 69 years.
As the nation begins an economic recovery, we are prepared to lend money to qualified individuals.  With the many challenges still facing Wall Street, it is a great time to be part of a strong Community Bank.  As many of your friends and family look for stability with their financial needs, please encourage them to look to your Community Bank for the best solution.  The Sherwood State Bank continues to strive to provide a great solution of product and service offerings to meet everyone's financial needs.
Sherwood State Bank, "Standing True to the Test of Time".
Mickey C. Schwarzbek
Your Community Banker